Our passion: your receptions!

Traiteur Grand is driven by a genuine passion for catering. To be more precise, we are driven by the passion of catering for your receptions.

If we were to talk about ourselves, we would say our philosophy is based on the notion of “home-made”. But what truly drives us is talking about you and your expectations.

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Receptions with a “home-made” taste

Traiteur Grand’s philosophy is based on providing catering that is “home-made”. We do everything ourselves, and with care.

Nature gives us the seasons and their produce, which we transform into the sublime. For each collection of menus, our service offers Ôthentique, Allure and Couture are dressed in seasonal colours.

Our kitchens are constantly buzzing with creativity. We aim to satisfy your every expectation, but also to surprise you and dazzle you. With this in mind, we invent unique dishes and items and imagine new décors.


More than the just the caterer for your receptions!

Proud of our history, but looking to the future!

Traiteur Grand has a host of projects. Created in 1984, Traiteur Grand was acquired by Ghyslain Morvan in 2005. Over the past 15 years, it has grown considerably. Traiteur Grand has broadened its field of action to meet the needs of customers from the Rhône to the Garonne rivers. Our desire to satisfy our customers has no boundaries.

In 2018, Traiteur Grand moved into the Gard region by winning the contract to refurbish and operate the restaurant at the Nîmes exhibition centre. Soon, we will have new premises in the Gard in the Actiparc Nîmes Sud business park. In 2019, Traiteur Grand also set up shop in Béziers, Ghyslain Morvan’s home town.

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Discover the ranges designed by the teams at Traiteur Grand