Traiteur Grand: a committed company!

Traiteur Grand gives its support to people who push back the boundaries, move mountains, and go beyond their horizons. In the field of sport, charity or culture.

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Entrepreneurship, sportsmanship

Sharing the values of sport values means sharing a certain state of mind: a taste for hard work, respect for rules, pushing back your limits. What a pleasure it is for a high-quality caterer, such as Traiteur Grand, to be able to quench the appetite of sportsmen and women when they have “given it their all”!

Traiteur Grand promotes women’s sports, notably women’s tennis, basketball and volleyball. It has sponsored the Open Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Hérault tennis tournament for 10 years and, since 2019, it has been supporting the “Gazelles” of the BLMA  (Basket Lattes Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Association) and the “Béziers Angels” of Béziers Volley-ball.

In terms of men’s sports, Traiteur Grand is the official partner of many clubs. The company actively supports the Béziers rugby team: the ASBH (Association Sportive Béziers Hérault). In Montpellier, Traiteur Grand sponsors the Vipers ice-hockey team. In the Hérault region again, near Sète, the company supports the Frontignan Thau Handball team.

As a Caterer in Nîmes, Traiteur Grand is also an official partner of the USAM handball team. One of the “Green Team’s” players is the left winger of the French national team: Michaël Guigou.

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Spirit of entrepreneurship and solidarity

Throughout the year, Traiteur Grand works with charity organisations: significant involvement in the auction of great wines from the Languedoc region, organised by the Cercle Mozart de Montpellier to finance charity projects; delivery of food to the Resto du Coeur when a reception was cancelled due to bad weather; and participation in the Rotary Nîmes Carré d’art during the auction on behalf of the association “Amour maternel”.

In November 2019, Traiteur Grand continued its commitment to the Bacchantes race. The aim of this fun, sports event is to raise funds for the fight against prostate cancer.

Spirit of entrepreneurship and sustainability

Starting out in Montpellier, Traiteur Grand quite naturally decided to contribute to the restoration of one of the city’s jewels: the Orangerie of the Jardin des plantes in Montpellier. The Jardin des plantes is the oldest botanical garden in France. Created to develop “health through plants” in the 16th century, it is now devoted to scientific research and belongs to the University. Traiteur Grand is one of the founding members of a corporate foundation that today brings together 24 companies to support the University’s renovation work: the Orangerie, the Planchon greenhouse and the flower gardens of the École de systématique.


Catering and support for local initiatives

Traiteur partenaire avec la web serie Andrew Bennett

In response to a request from Superflame and Soundlife production, Traiteur Grand agreed to back the web series entitled Andrew Bennett. Why? To support local initiatives; because the creators and technicians are all talented people from Montpellier. Finally, because this fantastic thriller takes place in the heart of Montpellier where Traiteur Grand was born.