Allure, prestige catering!

Allure combines culinary art and the art of reception. Sublime dishes, magnificent meals and buffets, top-quality service: a cascade of sensations!

Allure represents the historical offer of Traiteur Grand: a sure bet that is constantly renewed.

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A high-quality catering service

Allure brings style and taste to all your professional or private events.

Allure is a high-quality catering offer that you can savour according to your specific expectations. The range of culinary creations is designed to add magic to every type of meal: brunches, lunches, snacks and breaks, buffet dinners, sit-down meals, and also food trays.

For cocktail buffets, Allure offers a choice of more than 50 savoury and 25 sweet items. The presentations are original: in glasses, balls, rolls, on skewers, sticks, or as lollies, etc.

Some 15 starters, 25 main courses and 10 desserts make up our menus for sit-down meals. As for the meal trays, they are produced according to the day, for specific parties or prestige occasions.

Allure also includes savoury or sweet live culinary presentations with a chef: plancha, fondue, wok, food carts, joints of meat sliced on site, etc.

A high-quality service

Allure is not just about high-quality culinary dishes, it is a comprehensive service: top-quality waiting service, stylish decoration, event management.

Food breaks and buffets can be delivered with or without waiter service.

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