Traiteur Grand in Nîmes

What caterer would not like Nîmes and the Gard area?

A unique area, with a distinctive character and high-quality products: a true Garden of Eden!

Not to mention its brandade and other specialities!

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Traiteur Grand at the Nîmes Exhibition Centre

Traiteur Grand has been providing services in Nîmes and throughout the Gard département for many years. Still, February 2018 marked an important turning point: Traiteur Grand won the contract to refurbish and operate the restaurant at the Nîmes exhibition centre, and set up offices there.

It stemmed from a real desire within the company. The desire to develop closer relationships with customers in Nîmes and the Gard. The desire to develop our business in a département with several renowned areas: Camargue, Cévennes, Costières, etc.

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Traiteur Grand in Nîmes: a team from the Gard!

Nîmes and the Gard deserved their own team. Estelle Phan was appointed Manager of the Gard team. Estelle was born in the Gard and lives in the Gard. She loves the local produce, notably the Camargue veal chop in a crispy herb coating with sweet onions.

The Traiteur Grand team in Nîmes quickly grew, in the kitchens and for the waiter services: Traiteur Grand is a caterer that is recruiting! Today, the team in Nîmes has 11 staff.

Traiteur Grand in Nîmes: the projects

The love affair between Traiteur Grand and the Gard does not end there. Projects are already in the pipeline. Soon, we will be acquiring land at the Actiparc Nîmes Sud. In 2021, the foundation stone will be laid for a 720m2 building with kitchens and a chef’s restaurant area.

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