Catering with an authentic taste of nature!

The Ôthentique range by Traiteur Grand carries its name perfectly. The dishes are presented on simple trays and trestles on delivery. As for the culinary preparations, they express authenticity, and simplicity.

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Ôthentique, for simple, pleasant moments

A mix of colours and flavours, Ôthentique is the perfect catering companion for those warm moments of conviviality with family, friends or work colleagues; simple, no frills, but with the pleasure of “eating well”.

From savoury to sweet dishes, Ôthentique is based on local produce and traditional French cuisine: a tour de France of regional club sandwiches, perfectly crispy, golden fried food, long platters of deli meats, etc. And for the sweet course, all the great desserts that we have enjoyed since childhood: a creamy chocolate mousse, a local apple pie, and more. The most important thing is the produce. The right produce!

Ôthentique, almost like being at the market

Ôthentique revisits the concept of the market stall; the buffets are placed on boards and trestles. The trays are designed in elongated shapes. Some presentations have a vintage feel: a bike has been recycled as a delivery bike, candle holders have been adapted to hold brandade (fish bake) and tapenades; Natural materials and recycled objects convey the authenticity of the products on offer.

A tasty, filling range full of freshness, Ôthentique comes with or without waiter service.

Ôthentique complements the high-quality catering and gourmet catering services of Traiteur Grand.